The First Virtual Cleanroom Environment for Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology

vFabLab™ is an online based virtual environment, which is designed to help training on semiconductor device fabrication processes and associated equipment for anyone before accessing the cleanroom facilities in person. Virtual Fab has been conceptualized by Professor Muhammad Mustafa Hussain ( of Purdue University and managed by Dr. Galo Torres Sevilla of KAUST.


1400+ users around the world.


150+ countries served around the world.


425+ instituties currently use vFabLab™.

Fast Performance

Work smarter with powerful features

  • Specially designed for fast and interactive training.

  • State of the art simulated nanofabrication equipment and software.

Totally Optimized

Make it simpler with Quick Commands

  • Immersive experience with simple access to commands.

  • Compatible with all major web browsers and mobile platforms.

Simple to Use, Easy to Love

Designed for students at all levels of education.

Friendly Interface

Single point of access for all students wherever they are.

Powerful Options

Choose between several tools to get trained and assessed in real time.

Fast Performance

Multiple servers around the world provide ease of access anywhere in the world.

Extensions & Addons

Several addons and extensions in development for all major browsers.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials accessable for all students.

Expert 24/7 Support

Having a problem? Just email us and we will get you sorted out.

Quick, Easy and Secure

No one at vFabLab™ is able to see or modify your personal data. Encrypted servers provide a higher level of protection from end-to-end. We are long believers of privacy!

Register in 30 Seconds
  • Click on the link "Let's Get Started" and easily register with your email.

  • Once an admin approves your registration, you are all set.


Got Questions? Look Here

Here are some of the most common questions we have curated in the last couple of years.

Is vFabLab™ free to use?

Yes, the entire service is free to use and was espicifically designed to help students learn.

What are the requirements to us vFabLab™?

Just register with your institution's email and you will have full access.

Can I use vFabLab™ on different devices?

Yes, we support all major browsers and mobile platforms.

Do you use my data for anything else?

No, we don't share, read, or use your data for anything else. It is only used to create your account.

Can I contact you if I'm having a problems?

Always, just email us at

Can I delete my account?

Yes, just contact us at and we will delete the account for you.