An Interactive Training Environment for Semiconductor Fabrication Processes.


This vFabLabTM is an online based virtual environment, which is designed to help training on semiconductor device fabrication processes and associated equipment for anyone before accessing the cleanroom facilities in person. vFabLabTM has been conceptualized by Professor Muhammad Mustafa Hussain (MMH Labs) and patronized by Dean Mootaz Elnozahy (Computer Electrical Mathematical Science and Engineering Division - KAUST).



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Note: This application works only on desktops or laptops.
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The first time you login it may take a minute or two to start the app. Please be patient.

Muhammad hussain

vFabLabTM is openly accessible through online by academic institutions around the world. Since we are in the early phase of this platform, we are providing accessibility in stages. Under any circumstance, we do not access any data or share it with anybody. Therefore, your information is absolutely yours and is kept fully confidential.